Dr. Lanfermann Deo Creme

Dr. Lanfermann Deo CremeDr. Lanfermann® Deo Creme is available in three different variations – as standard, natural and foot deodorant creams. All are made of selected, vegan raw materials and all meet the requirements of halal cosmetics. By dispensing with aluminium salts, the deodorant creams safely prevent odour, but not transpiration. Last but not least, all deodorant creams work several hours to days, depending on the ambient temperature. All deodorant creams are very rich. 30 g can last up to 4 months with recommended use. In this way we support waste avoidance and waste reduction.

The standard deodorant cream contains pharmaceutical vaseline and is most effective. After showering, a small amount of cream is easily spread under the armpits. This is already sufficient to destroy the odour-forming bacteria. The deodorant cream is soft to the skin and usually leaves no trace on clothing. But you don’t have to miss the next shower. The deodorant cream still works. The process is not repeated until the odours reappear. Tests in hot areas at 40°C showed efficacy for up to three days. By adding lime oil, the subtle, slightly bitter citrus scent is achieved.

The deodorant cream as natural cosmetics is structured similarly to the standard deodorant cream. Here only the vaseline was replaced by a natural jojoba wax. In addition, all raw materials come from controlled organic farming. The effectiveness against odour-forming bacteria is the same as with the standard deodorant cream, but the effectiveness does not last as long. Tests in Germany and Italy have shown efficacy for up to three days. This cream meets the requirements of COSMOS and NaTrue as natural cosmetics. The deodorant cream has a pleasant scent of sweet oranges.

In hot regions, when wearing closed shoes or work shoes for hours on end, feet are subjected to martyrdom. Not only unpleasant odours form, but also reddening of the toes. The foot deodorant cream counteracts this situation. The cream is gentle to the skin, protects it and prevents unpleasant odours. Even if the feet are washed daily, the foot deodorant cream should not be renewed until the effect diminishes.

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PUR ALP Propolis Bio Ointment

packaging propolis ointmentThe Allgäu is one of the last regions in Germany where anybody has the feeling of nature.  But not only the amazing panorama of the Alps, also the freah air and the smell of virgin nature rises guests. Here is also the home of several beehives. The busy bees collect all summer long nectar from wood and meadow. Under competent care of an apiculturist the delicious honey is collected.  But such a beehive contains also other needful products for humans, e.g. royal jelly and propolis.

Bees use the propolis to proof their beehive andto protect it against pathogenic germs. For the figth agaist pathogenic germs propolis contains natural antibiotics. They could defeat not only bacteria, but also virus and fungi. So propolis is used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

PuralpPUR ALP adds propolis to Propolis Bio Ointment to optimize the care of cracky skin and  cracked lips. Basis is natural bee wax and olive oil. This film of ointment is especially careful to skin and lips. Calendula oil and St.-John’s-wort oil are well known oils, which are also used for wound healing and which stimulate skin care.

Propolis Bio Ointment is very mild and creats an intensive care film on the skin.  Also diabetics use this ointment.

If you have sensivities or allergy against propolis you shound not use this product.

All ingredients are from natural origin. The product is certified by Bioland.


TRIPLEX – the better one

Triplex family

Dr. Lanfermann TRIPLEX Base und Shine consist of the professional products for use at your hairdresser and for using at home as the home product.

bleaching 20 vol-%

Dr. Lanfermann TRIPLEX-Base

bleaching with treatment

repairs stressed hair by smoothing the scales. It is applied directly to the dry hairs. Depending on the damage of the hair, Base can be diluted with water before use or applied undiluted in case of severe damage.

Just long hair is stressed, because of split hairs. Many women go bleaching at the hairdresser. At this process hairs are attacked by chemicals. At bleaching sheds are opened to remove dye pigments from the hair. But also at some color techniques bleaching is the first step. And the combination from long hair and bleaching is a big stress for hairs.

Dr. Lanfermann TRIPLEX-Base protects long hair and repairs during bleaching to have healthy and shiny hair for a long time. Also hair has more feel.

Dr. Lanfermann TRIPLEX-Shine acts as a booster. It brings silky shine and protects the hair from premature losing color. It is used after shampooing of Base. To care long hair, Shine can be used once a week. After bleaching hairs must get a lot of care. In this case you can use Shine also once a week. Specially colored hairs or after bleaching they lose color in sun. Therefore the UV-protection of Dr. Lanfermann TRIPLEX-Shine helps.

Dr. Lanfermann TRIPLEX Base professional is for hairdresser application. It protects the hair during bleaching and dyeing. Can also be used to repair damaged hair. Available in a 500 ml cabinet bottle.

Dr. Lanfermann TRIPLEX Shine professional is also suitable for hairdresser. After the application of Base professional, Shine brings more silky shine into the hair and protects it from premature lose of color. Available in 500 ml bottles

Dr. Lanfermann TRIPLEX Base home can be used also at home. Apply the liquid to the dry hair and let it act for about 30 minutes. Then shampoo and use TRIPLEX Shine home. Available in the practical 100 ml bottle or in the set with TRIPLEX Shine home.

Dr. Lanfermann TRIPLEX Shine home is applied to damp hair after application of TRIPLEX Base home. It is used as a conditioner. Let it work for about 10 minutes, rinse well and dry your hair and dress it as usual. Available in the practical 100 ml bottle or in the set with TRIPLEX Base home.

Dr. Lanfermann TRIPLEX Base und Shine has been tested by hairdressers (long hair, bleaching) and awarded very well. Trust the knowledge of your hairdresser.