Premium Amino 20

Premium Amino 20 Amino acid complex with hydrolysed whey and wheat protein, beetroot extract and vitamins B6 and C

Amino acids are the building blocks for vital protein. Our body can however only produce the non-essential amino acids itself. The essential amino acids must be provided to our body via food or dietary supplements. Since proteins take some time to be converted into amino acids, the liquid amino acid complex from PURALP caters for fast absorption. PREMIUM AMINO 20 consists of already hydrolysed whey and wheat protein as well as already split proteins. This is most effectively absorbed and used by the body. The included beetroot extract as well as vitamins B6 and C, make this amino acid complex from PURALP a unique quality product. Vitamins B6 and C promote the metabolism of amino acids.

Amino acids are essential for the optimal functioning of metabolism, the formation of hormones, as well as sustained muscle development. So that the amino acids can have their full effect, the body continuously needs a balance of all amino acids. If not enough amino acids are made available to the body, then it is forced to take the quickly available energy from the muscles. As a result, muscle mass decreases. However, to help promote sustainable growth of the muscle, a dietary supplement with PREMIUM AMINO 20 is recommended.

Here, all of the necessary components are optimally combined.  Not only do the muscles benefit by the targeted dietary supplement with amino acids, the regeneration of the muscles is also improved. Also, the effects of fatigue from physical stress occurs much later.

This outstanding dietary supplement with a balanced amino acid complex from PURALP, is especially suited for training and pre-competition phases for endurance athletes, as well as for strength athletes.  Amino acids are also recommended for anyone wanting a diet low in carbohydrates and rich in protein.

The proteins in PREMIUM AMINO 20 contribute in maintaining and increasing muscle mass, as well as to the preservation of normal healthy bones. The vitamin B6 and C in PREMIUM AMINO 20 aid in normal energy metabolism and reduces fatigue and tiredness.

Recommended use: Ideally drink a vial of PREMIUM AMINO 20 of PURALP with150 ml of fruit juice directly after training, or in the evening.